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Bella Donna CateringNowadays, social and cooperate events are a common thing throughout the world. Whether you are planning for a wedding, business meeting, family events or any other special events, professional catering services help you save your time and effort as an event organizer. Whenever there are delicious foods in an event, your guests will always be happy; making the event memorable. Therefore, it’s essential to learn some basics about the different types of catering services.

1. Wedding catering service

No wedding venue can be complete with a wide range of dishes to satisfy the bride and the groom’s special guests. Whenever most people hear the word “catering,” the first thing that comes to their mind is wedding catering. This is because weddings are special events that are meant to be remembered by not only the married couples but also the guests.

During wedding, catering service providers such as Bella Donna Catering are responsible for running the buffet, setting up and breaking down chairs and tables, providing meals as per your requirements and preference as well as cutting up the cake for guests when required.

2. Mobile catering

Mobile catering involves trucks or vans traveling to various locations while carrying the right equipment and food for catering. This catering is very effective during festivals, fairs, meals-to-go, and other functions. It’s usually small scale in nature and requires low capital to set-up.

Traditionally these vans are known to travel to specific offices worksites, schools and other places where they can easily find people to feed. Owners have to come up with a comprehensive and ever-changing menu that re-creates dishes hour after hour, throughout the day. However, food truck catering can be a one-time thing; where services are offered based on contracts with businesses that have different offices in a given region.

3. Concession catering

Do you love sporting events? If you are planning to have a busy but friendly event that is filled with a lot of energy, concession catering is the best option for you. This catering is normally crowded and full of activities; thus it’s essential to have tasty foods around. You can easily order some food during breaks before continuing with your sporting activity or watching sporting events.

4. Cooperate catering

Cooperate catering involves providing foods and drinks to organizations and events. Small office training, business meetings, and other official events require high-quality catering services for their esteemed guests. Such services usually focus on offering delicious foods as well as professional services that are suited for any corporate event. The main menu for cooperate events mostly include buffet type dishes.

It’s important to note that cooperate catering come with fancy foods since these services can be required at any official event such as an award-winning ceremony, business lunches, meetings, etc. at such events, professionalism in catering and efficient planning before the actual catering ensure quick and convenient catering.

Choosing a reputable and good catering service provider can sometimes prove to be a daunting task. This why we recommend BellaDonna Catering; a catering company that offers exceptional services throughout Walnut Creek, CA.

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