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Funeral service is a religious ceremony held to memorialize a deceased person with their body present before the actual burial of the body. It is a ceremony which is often conducted within the week of the death occurring. Funeral service gives friends and relatives an opportunity to express love and respect for their loved one. In many traditions, religions, and culture it is customary to have events both taking place before and after the memorial service. When someone perishes, ascertainment of the the death and medical examination of death is necessary. Thereafter funeral services are organized. There are types of funerals which include: Cremation, Christian burial and Direct Cremation. Planning a funeral entails organizing for funds to aid in the burial ceremony, choosing a mortician to embalm and cremate the dead body and funeral cars to transport the body to the graveside or a crematorium. Caskets and funeral flowers followed by floral tributes is performed. Funeral music, hymns, and poems are sung. Before the actual funeral, the chosen funeral organizer will visit the deceased family to make all the necessary program priorate burial. The mortician will spend time with the family and relatives to know them and to help in deciding the best place and honoring any final wishes. Thereafter, the mortician will be introduced to the family and relatives of the deceased. The mortician will call you to confirm all the necessary information and to accord explanation to your questions. On the funeral day, family, and friends are taken to the service as scheduled. The coffin is transferred to the hearse and the portrait of the dead is placed in the coffin and mourners will take the casket to the church service. Funeral procession commence at home of the dead. Arrange for the offsprings and confidante who intent to ensue the procession. This comprises a journey of treasured memories for the deceased family. When the body arrives at the church, the chapel attendant is met and the body will place on the catafalque and the funeral service is conducted. The funeral ceremony includes funeral music, hymns, prayers and review from family and confidante. Committal service is conducted either at the graveside or in the cremation chapel. At the burial, prayers and readings are performed whilst those ready to bid farewell to the deceased as the casket is lowered down the into the grave. You may put a handful of soil into the coffins as it’s being put down.When service is over, time is given next to the rave in remembrance and final respect is done. Fairmount Funeral Homes are always there to help you honor your loved one with care, personal consideration and for a while being part of your extended family. It’s a place to get your healing during such moments of bereavement. It is a perfect place to spend time together during the healing process with your kin and relatives. In conclusion, memorial service offers people an opportunity to gather to honor their deceased during such hard times in life. This article offers you an overview of the steps taken in planning for a burial ceremony.

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