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Convenience is King

For the human race, life is becoming simpler, or at least it does seem to be that way.

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You can push a button on your mobile device and arrange for transportation through applications such as Uber, Lyft, Ola, EasyTaxi and more. At a moment’s notice, you can meet your gastronomical desires by tapping on another application on your mobile device,, through which you can find a variety of players ranging from Grubhub to Postmates that would be competing to meet your food delivery needs.

Yet through another application on your device, you can have someone visit a store on your behalf, pick up your groceries and deliver them to your doorstep.

Convenience truly is king and it looks as if it is spilling over into every aspect of people’s lives. The latest industry to be swept up by convenience is that of the medical and recreational marijuana industry.

This interest in startups to consumers to this industry is most likely due to a variety of factors that have come together to create a perfect storm of interest and consumption. Pent up demand and gradual acceptance of the industry by legislators has translated into the rise of sales and growth of various suppliers and innovators.

This guide will be going through the different startups that are in this sector and are specifically in the space of delivering cannabis to customers.


On-Demand Marijuana Delivery Startups


The first of these entities is a company called GreenRush.

GreenRush has curated a licensed marijuana dispensary or two in places where they operate. They have places such as TEST-TreeZPOS, Greener, Ripe Dispensary, Pueblo West Organics, and Rocky Mountain Blaze.

The startup operates or plans to operate in a variety of states including but not limited to California; Colorado; Virginia, and Washington. GreenRush has a product offering called greenLabel, and has also partnered up with independent contractors to work and deliver the recreational marijuana products.

Based in California, GreenRush is a dream come true to both vendors and consumers. Vendors that focus on cannabis are able to tap into a variety of drivers to have their products delivered to consumers; whereas, consumers have the opportunity to get their hands on their favorite marijuana products just by tapping on their mobile device or their computer.

GreenRush seems to be gaining momentum as it has been able to raise a recent round of more than $3 million. Thus, GreenRush looks like it is a company that is here to stay.



EAZE is a consumer oriented startup that is focused on delivering marijuana to individuals in a speedy time frame.

EAZE is focused on providing its services to individuals who possess medical marijuana prescriptions. EAZE seems to be gaining momentum as well, since it has received more than $20 million in funding over the course of its existence.

By assisting you through the process of obtaining your medical marijuana card, EAZE not only gets the product to you but it also helps you through the process of getting your product.


Properly licensed patients will be able to access medical marijuana through Nugg, and have their product delivered to their residence or their corporate space. Nugg is interesting because it seeks to circumnavigate regulatory issues by operating within certain parameters.

If you live in one of the states where marijuana consumption is legal, and would like to participate in the sector as a consumer, check out the services of these startups and make your life a lot easier by cutting back on back and forth trips to a marijuana dispensary.

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