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If you recently had an emergency dental procedure done, your dentist has probably advised that you take a bit of a rest for the next few days depending on the severity of the procedure you needed. Because of the fact that you might be dealing with a little pain or discomfort, it is not advised to do anything strenuous such as working out of cleaning the house. Instead, you should focus on other activities that will take your mind off of any discomfort but also not slow your recovery down. Here are a few ways you can fight boredom when you are stuck at home after sedation dentistry.

  • Get immersed in a good book- In this day and age people rarely have the time to read for pleasure, so while you are stuck at home healing, it is a great time to dive into a book you have been trying to finish or even starting a new one that has been on your list. Find a comfortable spot like your bed or a big couch and curl up with a book. This will help take your mind off any boredom.
  • Binge watch a show- Have your friends ever suggested a show to you that they say you would like but you just have not had time to watch it? Now is a perfect time to browse your preferred streaming app such as Netflix or Hulu to find a show to watch. You can watch a bunch of episodes in a row without any guilt because you are supposed to be relaxing to help speed up your healing process.
  • Do a puzzle- Puzzles are a relaxing way to fight boredom and keep your mind engaged. Depending on how difficult the puzzle is, you might be surprised to find that it can take up a few hours of your day. Time will pass quickly and you will have fought off boredom.
  • Invite a friend over- If you are in the latter part of your healing process and want to be around people, invite one of your friends over to chat and hang out. Sometimes when you are home alone healing after gettingĀ dental implants, you can go a little stir crazy without any conversations. Use this time to catch up with a friend. An added bonus is that it won’t cost any money like a normal meal out with a friend might.
  • Call a relative you have not talked to in a while- If you are not quite ready for physical company but still want to have a conversation, try calling a relative you have not talked to in a while. It will bring them joy to hear from you and it will also strengthen the bond you have with them. Both of these are fantastic bonuses to doing this while you heal.

Healing from dental work does not have to be boring. In fact, there are a lot of things you can do to help you have fun while you recover.

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