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There are a variety of ways to get high with cannabis. You can smoke it through a bong. You can smoke it through a pipe. You can even smoke it through a joint or a blunt. You can even use a vaporizer. But did you know that you could now vape it as well? vape pens

Yes, recent reports suggest that the people smoke weed, that is, cannabis through the use of vape pens or e-cigs. They have done so with THC, CBD, and hash oil or wax.

It may be alright to vape marijuana as an older individual in the form of oils through vape cartridges and vape tanks but it is always best to do so in moderation. Excessive consumption may not best.

However, while adults can make their own decisions, it has been found that this practice is also getting widespread at a rather alarming rate among those who attend high school and even middle school.


Younger Individuals Should Not Vape Marijuana

Unsurprisingly, the experts do not recommend younger individuals to vape marijuana. They fear that there is higher percentage of THC in these different forms of marijuana and want to make sure that those who are under a certain age are not taking these in.

The inhalation of marijuana prior to a certain age can cause potential different wirings of the brain and affect different developmental functions. The stronger the form that is inhaled, the more adverse the effects may be to the development of the individual.

The lack of long term research on the matter might be detrimental to the young who are essentially experimenting on themselves. It may not be wise for the young individuals to ingest or inhale marijuana at a young age, even more so, it may not be wise for them to be smoking in general at a young age.

The lack of proper development can affect them in various ways in life as they progress and can affect their judgement, their thinking skills and other cognitive mechanisms that aren’t accounted for in regular experiences.


Proper Vigilance is Required for Younger Individuals

While parents have a duty to guide their children, it is also important for other individuals to look out for those that are younger than them, such as those who are in classes below them, or their younger cousins, nephews or nieces. There may be some aspects of life that teenagers and young individuals do not want to share with their parents.

This is where other older people who are not the “not cool mom or dad” can come in and be a sounding board. Help them, advise and guide them through their tumultuous years. The years where they are young and impressionable and can fall prey to a lot of bad behaviors.

Make sure to be available through calls, texts and even in person hang out sessions if necessary. This will be very necessary to be a reinforcement in their lives and be a positive role model who they can connect with, who won’t judge them for their behavior, whether it be with vape pens, vape tanks or other vape related products.

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