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Due to the ubiquitous nature of the term “Trojan Horse”, Troy is synonymous with the famous battle that involved the legendary use of this war tactic.

Let’s find out what the legend of Troy has to do with traditional rugs and handmade rugs. We’ll start by talking about what Troy was and its significance.


The Legend of Troy

The story is that Troy was once a powerful city and it was at war. Legend states that Troy was under siege for more than 8 years. In the legend, Troy eventually fell to the vicious and persistent Greek Army and their King.Handmade rugs

The siege was too much and it was too long, the people of Troy could not stand it for much longer. They were not able to enjoy simple things such as handmade rugs, and traditional rugs that they could have had with the proper trade and commerce that the war prevented. The siege and the fall was inevitable, it was just a matter of time.

The cause for this warfare was a fair queen by the name of Helen. The abduction of Helen created issues for all of the individuals involved in the story and for many parties that were not directly related to the conflict. It was an interesting story that painted a variety of themes from that of love, deception, to the far ranging human condition.

The legend also had the infamous story of the Trojan Horse, the horse that was offered as a gift by the opposing army. Unfortunately for the receivers of this gift, it would be to their demise. The large wooden structure in the shape of a horse would contain members of the opposing army who would help to undo the fortifications and wreak havoc among the existing population.

It is a fascinating tale. There’s creativity, inspiration, love and many moving pieces. It is a vibrant and rich tale that guides the listener or reader on a roller coaster of a journey. In essence, the story is full of life.

Troy in Real Life

The tale is even more interesting because of the fact that a real city named Troy exists in the ancient land of Turkey.

Did you know that Troy is present within the upper western region of Turkey? Many state that this is the Troy that was mentioned in the legends. If one were to visit the site, they would see ancient ruins and replica of Trojan Horse. Natives call the place Hisarlik.

But people do not know for a fact if this place is actually the place that is mentioned in the legends. They do know that there are similar markers but they are not certain if this is the exact same place. Regardless, this remains a must visit site in Turkey.


Lolo Rugs and Gifts

Lolo Gifts and Rugs exists because of stories such as this one. We know that there is much to live for if we dig in deep and look for the interesting things in our lives.

As such, we make sure to bring about the finest modern rugs, wool rugs and other items that we source from all sorts of unique places around the globe. We draw inspiration from culture, history and the rich tapestry of experiences present in exotic cultures all over the world.

Come in and check out our traditional rugs, bamboo rugs, and our area rugs Denver and Boulder locations have to offer. We ensure to draw in items from all over the world that draw on the history and culture of the place it has originated from.

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