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Whether you have been to the picturesque Napa Valley before or are just planning to have your very first visit, you must have heard of Sonoma and its famous wine tours by the region’s association with Napa.Sonoma Wine Tour

Before we go into any further detail, Sonoma wine tour earns its reputation by what it offers. And what it offers can only be appreciated in all its glory by experiencing it personally. To give you an overview of what you might be signing up for while going to Sonoma, let us begin our Sonoma wine tour through the Sonoma history by going all the way back to the birth of the region.

By going back to the early days of the region, we can find out interesting details that make the region tick, we can see how it evolved and why it evolved. If we may say so ourselves, our Sonoma wine tour is very important, as it will help us navigate the way from the past to the present of one of the very best Napa valley tours.

Starting by “meeting” many pioneers and leaders in the county and in the overall region, we will progress to see the impact that different people had on the region and how the industry grew from humble origins to where it is now.

Are you ready to begin the tour? Let’s go.


The Sonoma Wine Tour Starts

Native Americans lived in the land that others would soon visit. Russians would come by and settle in the land, they would start their investments into the vino culture. Facts point to the early placement or rather, cultivation of grapes in Sonoma as early as 1821.

Sonoma was in a decent spot. It was in the center of the mineral rush, people would travel and stop by Sonoma to get to the fields and begin their journey to riches. Yet, it was overshadowed by towns nearby as time progressed on. The other towns soon became rich and trade was found in abundance. Times weren’t easy in Sonoma. It wasn’t as simple as a Napa bus tour, real work had to be done.

Sonoma was one of the earliest counties in the newly formed state of California in 1850. Yet, there was not as much interest in the county until a few years later. This was only a small speed bump in its growth, but as we know, the past Sonoma’s luck changed very significantly to get the region to the tourist hub that it is now.

The Sonoma area saw its growth and emphasis in the wine industry in the mid 1850’s, where it saw the start of wineries such as Buena Vista and Gundlach Bundschu. Sonoma and Napa had interesting histories, people from places such Prussia and Czechoslovakia were those who jump started the different industries in these respective regions.

People such as the Korbel Brothers, John Steckler, and Hamilton Walker Crabb helped to spur interest and growth in the wine industry. They put in a lot of hard work and with a bit of luck steered the direction of the industry. That inspired others to jump in and start their own operations to contribute to the industry and perpetuate the growth of the wine industry in the region.

It is important to understand that a Napa day trip is different from a visit to Sonoma. Sonoma county has a different type of land and climate. The first important point is that there may be more land in the county of Sonoma California than there might be in Napa County.

What differentiates Sonoma from Napa is that of its variety of soil. The plethora of soil materials create positives and possibly some negatives as well. The area is known for its coolness in climate. Sonoma is also known for its early infrastructure which allowed for more growth and more opportunities.

In order to understand Sonoma and why it is so special that it is as popular as the Napa Valley itself, you need to visit the region yourself and take in the experience that it has to offer. Only by going through this Napa trip detour would you be able to truly understand the historical significance, the wonderful architecture and the heavenly wines that Sonoma has to offer.

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