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If you have been looking for a way to dress up your windows without adding a ton of fabric to it with draperies, then choosing window blinds would have been the best approach that you could have taken in that regard.custom blinds

It is because window blinds do not only provide you with window treatments that could hold their own against a minimalist décor approach, but also mingle with any room that has been decorated heavily.

All of it is due to the way that window blinds are built. They are structured to become a part of your windows so that they do not look like an external installation but an extension of those very windows that they are set upon.

That is why, it is highly important for you to know what kind of window blinds would go in line with your home or office, especially if you already have other window treatments in place such as window shades, shutters or curtains in place in the other parts of your property.


The Different Types of Window Blinds to Select From

There are a few types of window blinds that you could choose from. Each of them have a distinct style, so make sure you select something that is in line with your personal style profile as well.


Horizontal Blinds

Horizontal blinds are the classic way to dress up your windows without coming off as overdoing it in terms of décor. These blinds can be made out of fabric, vinyl, wood or even metal in some cases in order to fit in with the kind of interior design that you want them to live within.

They are available in half-length and full length sizes and also open to automation, so you can pair them up with a variety of décor choices while also having the ability to turn them on and off while sitting at your bed, couch or desk.


Vertical Blinds

While vertical blinds are available in half-length sizes as well, they are most often used in full-length only. It is because these blinds look best when they are in line with their structure – which is a good thing since it doesn’t require you to have any kind of additional window treatments within them. When used in half-length, they are often paired with wider windows for a better visual experience.

These blinds are also available in multiple material choices including but not limited to fabric, vinyl, wood and metal. In addition to a wide variety of colors, they are also available in various patterns so you could pair them up with your décor choices easily. They are also open to automation.



Sheers can either be horizontal or vertical even though the latter form is the most popular and often used.

These blinds are made out of sheer fabric, which is where they get their name. They are mostly used in living rooms or the outer sliding door to your balcony due to the how they play against the sunlight and create a marvelous visual effect, especially when coupled with automation.

If you want additional advice on these or any other kind of window treatments, or simply want to learn about custom blinds installation to have the perfect fit of blinds for your windows, then feel free to call House of Blinds today in order to fulfill all these needs. House of Blinds has the knowledge and the experience to take care of you.

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