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Having a missing tooth is an all too common dental problem many people suffer from today. Losing one’s tooth can be the result of an injury, oral complications, tooth extraction, or there was no tooth to begin with. The dental industry does have solutions that will provide people with replacement teeth one of them being dental implants. Other than dental implants, there is also the option of bridges and dentures but it is dental implants that stand out being the more preferred option in the replacement of one’s missing teeth.

dental implants

dental implant

The method in which one gets a dental implant is completed thru a surgical treatment because the metal implant needs to be connected into the person’s jawbone through an incision in the gums. This would permit oseointegration which is the fusing of the steel into the jawbone making the implant permanent and stable. Dental implants have a top notch reputation among dental professionals seen as a safe way to get a new replacement tooth. Today, we are going to go through some reasons why dental implants are more preferred over other tooth replacement methods.

1.) They give a more natural smile – every now and then people who put on bridges or dentures find that they can be a little uncomfortable in the mouth and can move around easily. This can make one’s smile awkward since things aren’t that quite secure in the mouth. With dental implants, the replacement tooth is screwed attached to the implant which is attached to the bone making things very secure.

2.) They won’t result in an embarrassing situation – One problem with bridges and dentures is that they can occasionally slip and shift which can be embarrassing trying to deal with all the more if they fall out. With Dental Implants you won’t ought to fear any of that. Dental implants can sit quite effortlessly in your mouth without it moving around or falling off.

3.) They provide greater convenience – whilst having to eat, those who wear bridges or dentures will must remove them to enjoy the meal more at ease. And as we have cited, this can be embarrassing when done in public. In addition, the slipping can hinder one from being able to talk properly. Dental implants are a good deal more convenient. Once the whole thing has been attached and set, you can just let it be.

4.) Implants help in maintaining oral health – Having lacking teeth can ultimately result in abnormal growth inside the underlying jawbone. In the absence of a tooth, the bone will grow over and overall negatively affect the entire jaw. Having a dental implant in the area provides structure and support and keeps the bone from developing abnormally.

5.) They are solid and last very long – A Dental Implant is made from robust titanium making it very long lasting. And since dental implants are fused into the bone throughout the healing process, the structure becomes very solid and secure making a lot more durable compared to flimsy dentures and bridges.

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