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Taos, New Mexico a moment and think about how much time you’ve spent online today. Then consider how much of that time was spent watching some type of video. Was it 50% of your total time online? 75%? More? This is the nature of the Internet today, namely that people are spending more and more of their time online watching video content. Ever larger numbers of people are cutting the cord and watching all of their favorite shows and movies online. When you visit the website for a newspaper and click on an article, there’s usually a video at the top of the article that you can watch before reading. When you go to various sports sites, almost all of them have a video playing on each page. Traffic for sites like YouTube is up and continuing to rise, not to mention all of the sites out there where people can watch other people play video games. The Internet has changed, and video content is here to stay.

This is why it’s so important for your business, organization, nonprofit, or governmental agency to invest in video production. If you have ideas, products, or messages that you want to get out to the public, your best bet for reaching the most people is through videos. Think about how successful companies like Apple have been over the past couple of decades. The bulk of their marketing is done through clever videos that attract your attention and leave you thinking about them long after they’re done. This is the reality of the world today, and this shift toward video content is only going to get more pronounced over the next decade. People would rather watch a video than read an article, and if you want to reach people where they are, you have to reach out to them through video content.

Social media is also helping to drive this push towards video content. Take a moment yet again to think about how many written articles go viral. Can you think of a single one? Now take a moment to consider how many videos have gone viral in the past year. Quite a lot, yes? That’s the point. When your organization or business creates a video, it’s much more likely to be shared by people via social media, which in turn means that more eyes are going to get in front of your content. If you work for a nonprofit that’s focused on plastic in the oceans and you want to change consumer habits, creating a video that talks about this problem and the changes people can make is the best way to promote your agenda. Writing an article about the issue is fine, but not near as many people are going to see it as they would a video.

Video and film production is an integral part of marketing and messaging in today’s world. It’s critical for every business and/or organization out there to hire a video production company like Voca Films and to start producing as much video content as possible. This is the content people want to see, and if you’ve got a message or a product that you want people to discover, you need to communicate your message or product to them via video.

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